ANC reaches agreement with these 10 parties to form GNU

The African National Congress (ANC) has reached an agreement with 10 political parties to form a Government of National Unity (GNU) for the seventh administration.

The parties constituting the GNU together secured over 70% of the vote in the 2024 elections and will have 287 (out of 400) seats in parliament, according to political commentator Ismail Abramjee.

Those 287 seats are made up of 148 (regional) and 139 (national).

As reported by The South African website, 18 parties in total won seats in 2024, which was up from the 14 parties which did so in 2019.

The 10 parties to form the Government of National Unity (GNU):

Under rank (in 2024 election), party name, regional seats won, national seats won, total seats won

Rank Party Regional National Seats
1 ANC 86 73 159
2 DA 45 42 87
5 IFP 9 8 17
6 PA 4 5 9
7 VF PLUS 2 4 6
10 UDM 1 2 3
12 ALJAMA 0 2 2
15 RISE 1 1 2
16 GOOD 0 1 1
17 PAC 0 1 1
TOTAL 148 139 287

In his victory speech, 71-year-old Ramaphosa hailed the new coalition, and said voters expected the leaders to “to act and to work together for the good of everyone in our country”.

The GNU agreement was hashed out on a day of high political drama, which saw the National Assembly sitting late into the evening for votes to confirm who would hold power in the new administration.

In the 2024 election, the ANC lost its parliamentary majority for the first time in 30 years.

The ANC received only 12 698 759 votes (40.18%).

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula called the coalition deal a “remarkable step”.

It meant Ramaphosa – who replaced Jacob Zuma as both president of the country and ANC leader following a bitter power struggle in 2018 – was able to retain power.

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