Jonathan Majors lands new role after domestic assault conviction

Jonathan Majors is back on the acting scene, despite the controversy surrounding him.

The former Marvel star faced a significant career setback following his 2023 domestic assault conviction.


He has landed his first role since the fallout, according to Bossip.

Majors will star in the independent revenge thriller Merciless, which Martin Villeneuve directs.

Martin Villeneuve, the younger brother of Dune director Denis Villeneuve, confirmed Majors’ casting this week.

According to Villeneuve, the film will delve into dark and intense themes.

The plot follows a CIA investigator who goes to troubling lengths after the woman he loves is overpowered by sinister forces.


Filming is expected to take place in Saskatchewan in late autumn.

Majors’ career took a nosedive following his conviction, according to Variety.

In April, the court sentenced him to one year of domestic violence counselling after it found him guilty of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

The Manhattan judge ordered Majors to complete a 52-week in-person programme in Los Angeles.

Given the shooting schedule for Merciless, it’s unclear how Majors will balance his obligations.


Before his trial, Jonathan Majors was a rising star in Hollywood, according to Geekty Rant.

He featured prominently in films like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Creed III, and the TV series Lovecraft Country.

He was set to become Marvel’s next big villain, with multiple movies lined up in their cinematic universe.

However, following his conviction, Marvel Studios severed ties with him.

Majors also lost several other projects and endorsement deals.


His management company, Entertainment 360, and his publicity firm, The Lede Company, also dropped him.

Despite the setbacks, Majors remains hopeful about his future in Hollywood.

In an interview with ABC News Live’s Linsey Davis, Majors expressed his optimism.

“I believe in redemption and second chances,” he said. “I’m ready to put in the work and prove myself again.”

The news of his casting in Merciless has sparked varied reactions.


Some fans are excited to see Majors back on screen, while others remain sceptical given his recent history.

The debate about separating an artist’s personal life from their professional work continues to rage on social media.

Martin Villeneuve, when asked about his decision to cast Majors, defended his choice.

“Everyone deserves a chance to rebuild,” he stated. “Jonathan is a talented actor, and I believe in his ability to deliver a powerful performance.”

The screenplay for Merciless is written by Frank Hannah, known for his work on gritty and intense dramas.


The film promises to be a gripping thriller, and Majors’ involvement certainly adds a layer of intrigue.

Fans of the genre and Majors’ previous work will undoubtedly be eager to see how he tackles this challenging role.

As Majors embarks on this new chapter in his career, all eyes will be on him.

Can he overcome the past and re-establish himself in Hollywood? Only time will tell. For now, Jonathan Majors is stepping back into the spotlight, ready to take on new challenges and hopefully, win back the trust of his audience.

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