‘Steenhuisen for Deputy President’ delays Cabinet announcement

Following the Democratic Alliance’s (DA’s) demand of John Steenhuisen for Deputy President, it appears the 2024 Government of National Unity Cabinet is facing its first hurdle. According to The Citizen, the unveiling of Ramaphosa’s Cabinet has been pushed back due to the DA’s demand of Steenhuisen for Deputy President.

Addressing the impasse, Ramaphosa said the following in his weekly From the President’s Desk newsletter: “The country’s hopes are pinned on the success of the Government of National Unity. Our stated commitment to work together constructively and for South Africa’s benefit has generated a great deal of goodwill that we should not squander. Therefore, we should not waste our energies on those who stand in the way of our country’s progress or lose momentum over differences that can be resolved.”


Do you think it’s fair that the DA: Steenhuisen for Deputy President? Image: File

Nevertheless, besides Steenhuisen for Deputy President, the party wants at least ten Members of Parliament in key economic portfolios. Reports suggest that talks between the African National Congress (ANC) and DA have hit a brick wall over this. The ANC offered the DA just three Cabinet posts to the DA, far short of the ten it desires.

According to the DA, as the second-largest party in 2024 GNU, their leader should receive the Deputy President role. This is the norm in other coalition governments globally. On the other side of the impasse, the ANC believes the DA’s demands are unacceptable. Now with ten parties in the 2024 Government of National Unity, the ANC says the ‘Cabinet pie is getting smaller.’


Steenhuisen for Deputy President
It looks like the Democratic Alliance will not manage as many portfolios as it had originally hoped. Image: File

According to reports, besides Steenhuisen for Deputy President, the DA says it would like to manage the following portfolios:

  • Communication and digital technology.
  • Trade and industry.
  • Transport.
  • Public service and administration.
  • Water and sanitation.
  • Local government.
  • Health.


Steenhuisen for Deputy President
Steenhuisen for Deputy President. Image: File

Following the inclusion of a tenth party in the coalition government, political experts believe the ANC is attempting to outnumber and outgun the DA. It is understood that if the GNU doesn’t come to a consensus on any particular matter, the deadlock is only broken when 60% majority vote is attained within the GNU.

“We need to demonstrate in both word and deed that our (GNU) programme is clear, coherent and sustainable. Likewise, that our collaboration is genuine, and that the interests of the people will always come first,” concluded Ramaphosa in his newsletter.


Steenhuisen for Deputy President
What do you think, as the second largest party, is the DA’s demand of Steenhuisen for Deputy President fair?

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