Will the ANC yield to DA demands?

South Africa waits with bated breath for a 2024 Cabinet announcement. This follows the President’s inauguration for a second term of office under a ten-party Government of National Unity (GNU). A 2024 Cabinet announcement was expected to follow in close succession but had to be delayed due to divisions within the GNU.

Moreover, in the intervening days, insiders close to the GNU suggest the Democratic Alliance (DA’s) stern negotiations are the reason for this delay. The party’s insistence for John Steenhuisen as Deputy President and the appointment of several key portfolios has put a spanner in the 2024 Cabinet works.


Tough negotiations are taking place behind closed doors ahead of the 2024 Cabinet announcement. Image: File

Now, The Citizen reports that a key political analyst believes the ANC will submit to the DA. Sipho Seepe says the ANC will submit to the DA’s forceful tactics over a 2024 Cabinet. “My sense is that the ANC will succumb to the DA’s demands,” said Seepe in an interview with The Citizen, even though ANC members have described the DA’s GNU demands as ‘outrageous.’

Furthermore, Seepe says many ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) members are compromised by relationships in the private sector. Earlier this week The South African reported how top-ranking ANC NEC members will face harsh censure for comments made against the DA. Moreover, many high-profile business leaders are in favour of an ANC coalition with the DA.


2024 Cabinet
President Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen shake hands in parliament. Image: File

“The current ANC NEC is highly compromised. Most of its members have been co-opted by white capital. To the extent that they are unable to extricate themselves,” said Seepe. Moreover, rumours suggest the DA is holding President Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala scandal against him. Using this as a bargaining chip has lead to suspicions of a secret deal between the DA and ANC.

Therefore, the DA could exit the GNU entirely if it doesn’t its 2024 Cabinet. This will open the door to pursue Ramaphosa legally and have him removed as President. Currently, DA Chairperson Helen Zille maintains that the DA will not take any action to have Ramaphosa impeached over the matter. However, only time will tell following the imminent announcement of a 2024 Cabinet in South Africa …


2024 Cabinet
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