Megan Thee Stallion wows fans with anime-inspired look

Megan Thee Stallion has done it again. This time, she’s breaking the internet with her spot-on cosplay of Hatsune Miku.

Fans are calling her ‘Megan Thee Cosplayer,’ and it’s not hard to see why.


The rapper’s transformation into the iconic Vocaloid character is nothing short of stunning.

The video, released on 25 June has already garnered over 55k views. It’s available on both her and Amazon’s platforms.

Megan isn’t just Hatsune Miku in this video, though, according to Comic Book Resources.

She also makes appearances as Megan Thee Stylist, Megan Thee Unboxer, Megan Thee Daredevil, Megan Thee Gamer, and Megan Thee Chef.


Each persona adds a fun twist to the promo, keeping viewers entertained and engaged.

Megan is currently on her Hot Girl Summer Tour.

She’s also promoting her upcoming album, Megan, set to be released on 28 June.

This album is particularly significant as it’s her first studio album since becoming an independent artist, according to Comic Book.


She settled a highly publicised lawsuit with her former record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, late last year.

The dispute was over what she described as an exploitative contract.

Megan’s love for anime is well-documented. Her Hatsune Miku cosplay is just the latest in a series of anime-inspired looks.

Last Halloween, she dressed as One Piece’s Boa Hancock and Soul Eater’s Death the Kidd, according to Comic Book Resources..


She also made headlines for her Satoru Gojo cosplay from Jujutsu Kaisen at the 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

Megan often refers to herself as “Todoroki Tina,” a nod to Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, one of her favourite anime series.

Fans can’t get enough of her anime tributes.

One fan commented, “Megan as Hatsune Miku is everything I didn’t know I needed.”

Another wrote, “Her Gojo cosplay was legendary, but this Miku look is next level.”

Megan’s passion for anime resonates with her followers.


Hatsune Miku herself is a cultural icon in Japan.

Known for her turquoise twin-tails and cheerful persona, Miku is a staple in Vocaloid culture.

Vocaloid technology synthesises human voices, allowing users to create songs with lyrics.

Miku has collaborated with various other Japanese icons, including Hello Kitty and Pokémon.

However, not everything in the Hatsune Miku world is perfect.

The Hatsune Miku Expo 2024 North American tour has come under fire.


Fans were disappointed that the virtual pop star was being presented on a TV screen rather than the traditional hologram.

One fan lamented, “It’s just not the same without the hologram. The magic is lost.”

Despite the controversy, Miku’s influence remains strong.

Her collaborations and continued presence in pop culture keep her at the forefront of the Vocaloid scene.


Megan Thee Stallion’s Miku cosplay is a testament to her versatility and creativity.

It blends her love for anime with her vibrant personality. It creates a look that’s both authentic and uniquely Megan.

As she continues to embrace her independence and explore new creative avenues, fans eagerly await what she’ll do next.

In the words of one enthusiastic fan, “Megan Thee Cosplayer has officially entered the chat. And we are here for it.”

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