Bernardo Silva’s dog is named after City teammate John Stones

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has a special way of showing his appreciation for his teammates – by naming his pet dog after them! Silva’s adorable French bulldog proudly carries the name John, a clear homage to his fellow defender John Stones.

Bernado Silva’s Special Tribute

The unlikely bromance between the Portuguese playmaker Bernardo Silva and the English centre-back John Stones extends beyond the pitch. This heartwarming detail emerged when Silva revealed his pup’s name to the media ahead of a Manchester derby.

A Cityzens’ Bond on and Off the Pitch

Silva and Stones have formed a strong partnership on the field for Manchester City. Their contrasting styles complement each other perfectly, with Silva’s creative flair dovetailing nicely with Stones’ defensive solidity. It seems this positive connection has transcended the game, blossoming into a genuine friendship.

A Unique Tribute from Bernardo Silva

While naming a pet after a human isn’t entirely uncommon, it’s certainly not the norm, especially not after a teammate. This quirky choice by Bernardo Silva speaks volumes about the camaraderie within the Manchester City squad. It suggests a playful and lighthearted atmosphere, where players feel comfortable expressing their appreciation for one another in unexpected ways.

More Than Just a Name for John the Dog

Of course, John the dog likely isn’t aware of the inspiration behind his name. But for fans and the footballing world alike, it’s a delightful anecdote that adds a personal touch to the professional lives of these athletes.

A Winning Combination for Bernardo Silva and John Stones

Whether it’s their on-field synergy or their off-field camaraderie, the connection between Bernardo Silva and John Stones appears to be a winning combination. Here’s hoping their teamwork, both human and canine-inspired, continues to bring success to Manchester City.

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