Cassper preaches about adultery addiction

Cassper Nyovest has swapped a crowd of fans for a church congregation after he delivered a sermon about how God changed his life at the Christian Family Church in Johannesburg.

The rapper – who has professed to be a born-again Christian – spoke to the youth about being delivered from his “addiction to adultery.”

Cassper – who previously dated baby mama Thobeka Majozi – is married to his new partner, Pulane Mojaki.


In his sermon, Cassper Nyovest spoke candidly about his sex addiction and how he overcame it with the help of God.

He said: “One day, I woke up after a crazy party. I was on my way to the bathroom, and I heard a voice, and this voice said: ‘Who are you? Where do you come from, and where are you going?’.

“The voice asked my soul….That voice as God”.

Cassper claims that in that period, he was diagnosed with depression and confused about his identity. He was also promiscuous and had an out-of-control sex addiction.

He continued: “This is someone who slept with so many women because this was what I was chasing at the time. The lies I told, like ‘I love you’. After the act, I felt nothing. It didnt give me the satisfaction I wanted 

After getting saved, Cassper told his then-girlfriend Pulane that they should become celibate and abstain from sex until marriage.

He added: “God delivered me from the addiction to adultery and the sexual immorality.”


In an Instagram post in April, Cassper Nyovest first broached the topic of his surprise wedding to Pulane Mojaki.

Sharing pics of the happy day, he posted: “It’s all for the glory of God. I stand today a changed man, a man of faith, honesty, peace, integrity, love, honour, and wisdom. It’s by the grace of God that I’m a changed man”.

He continued: “Many may call me names and question my salvation, but God has called me, and I answered with pride. To lead the lost man of today! I’m not better than anyone. I’m just different from my old self, for the grace of God is upon me! Thank you, Lord!”

Earlier this year, the hitmaker claimed his “sex addiction” broke up his relationship with Thobeka Majozi, whom he began dating in 2017.

Cassper made the confession during an appearance on Mpoomy Ledwaba’s The Wisdom & Wellness Podcast.

He said: “I created a serious mess. I hurt my baby mama so much. We broke up, and I have been single for two years. I just carried on living this life.”

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