Julius Malema threatens protest over GNU?

Referring to the Government of National Unity (GNU)? Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the current generation cannot be part of the betrayal of generations that came before.

Malema said this as President Cyril Ramaphosa was expected to announce his multi-party National Executive on Sunday, 30 June.


South Africa ushered in a new era after the country’s liberation movement African National Congress (ANC) formed a GNU with its biggest rival, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and eight political parties.

During the first sitting of the National Assembly, Ramaphosa was up against Malema for the position of President. A total of 289 Members of Parliament voted for Ramaphosa, while 44 voted for Malema. 

Following the announcement, Malema said they contested because they wanted to demonstrate to South Africa that the EFF does not agree to this marriage of convenience to “consolidate the white monopoly power over the economy and the means of production”. 

“We refuse to sell out. We never did so when we were young, and we’re not going to do so today.”

Juju said they don’t have a history of being collaborators.

“We are going to ensure that this Parliament is functional. We can reassure you that we’re not going to fight any bouncer. Instead, we’re going to be the best and most effective opposition to ensure that both you (Ramaphosa) and the DA are held accountable.”

Following delays in the announcement of the multi-party Cabinet, Malema took to X to say the streets are calling.

“The streets are calling; picket lines are part of the theatre of politics. Our generation can’t be part of the betrayal of generations before us, now or never,” he wrote on X.


Meanwhile, on Saturday, EFF Secretary-General Marshall Dlamini wrote to ANC SG Fikile Mbalula to propose an exclusive deal without the DA and Freedom Front Plus.

In a letter dated 29 June, Dlamini said their objection to work with the DA and FF Plus rests on the fact that the two reject affirmative action and expropriation of land without compensation for equal redistribution to address the apartheid and colonial land regimes. 

Further, the EFF proposed a new agreement, or Statement of Intent, between EFF and ANC instead of the ANC’s Statement of Intent agreed to by GNU partners. 

The party said they essentially enter into an agreement with the ANC as leader of government and not with other parties it may invite to the government. 

“Such an agreement or Statement of Intent must necessarily include fundamental principles informed by the strategic objective of the total liberation of the oppressed as encapsulated in the Freedom Charter and Progressive Internationalism. 

“The agreement or Statement of Intent must also necessarily include the principles of Redress and Equality as captured in Section 9.2 of the Constitution, which states that ‘to promote the achievement of equality, legislative and other measures designed to protect or advance persons, or categories of persons, disadvantaged by unfair discrimination may be taken. The agreement must translate into provincial and municipal governments with the aim of government stability and accelerated quality service delivery,” Dlamini said. 

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