Kaizer Chiefs receive GREAT news on Nasreddine Nabi’s arrival!

Kaizer Chiefs were believed to be anticipating yet another delay with regards to the arrival of their coach Nasreddine Nabi.

It’s no secret at this point that Chiefs will be announcing Nabi as their new coach ahead of next season. 

Chiefs decided on their man in late May and went full steam ahead in securing his signature. After travelling to Morocco to convince Nabi of the project, and giving the freedom to pick his technical team. They were then able to strike an agreement with AS FAR for the early release of the Tunisian. After that, the next agreement was with the coach himself. 

Throne Cup final to go ahead as scheduled

The agreement included allowing Nabi to stay until the Throne Cup semifinal which took place last week Sunday. The initial expectation was that he would then leave and join Chiefs regardless of the outcome. It then came as a shock when he came out to his post-match press-conference to claim he would be staying. He claimed that the job was not done and he wanted to lead AS FAR into the Throne Cup final.

Initially the final was set for 1 July, the passing of King Mohammed V’s mother produced speculation of a delay. But now according to the Moroccan FA, the final will be played tomorrow. 

Chiefs Nabi concerns eased

“The National Directorate of Arbitration and the Central Arbitration Committee have appointed Mr. Redouane Jiyed to referee the match that will bring together the Royal Armed Forces Sports Association “Royal Army” and Raja Casablanca teams on Monday, July 1, 2024, for the Throne Cup final, for the 2022-2023 sports season, Mr. Redouane Jiyed will be assisted in his duties by Abdessamad Abreton and Amine Dahane, while the fourth referee task has been assigned to Mr. Youssef Haraoui. The VAR technology will be led by referee Hamza Al-Farq, assisted by referees Yassin Damiri and Suleiman Al-Atif.” Said a translate post by the Moroccan FA

That should be good news for Chiefs. This as a delay produced by a period of mourning would’ve meant Nabi arrives even later at Naturena. He is now on course to be present and unveiled in early July.

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