Peter Matsimbe’s ‘net worth’ revealed

Controversial businessman Peter Matsimbe lives lavishly and is unapologetic about it. In recent months, he has undoubtedly gone on spending sprees, from buying some of the world’s coveted cars to expensive designer clothes that cost a fortune.


A few weeks ago, he made headlines when he flaunted his new Ferrari SF90. The car is one of the most sought-after Ferraris. A few SF 90 have made it to the South African market. However, the car has a base price tag of R14 million in several dealerships dotted worldwide.

However, he has also splurged thousands, if not millions, on his baby mama, Ayanda Thabethe. Reports have it that he bought her several cars, including a R18 million Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Rumour mill has it that Peter Matsimbe gifted Ayanda Thabethe some of her flashiest cars, which always thrust her into the top trends. The bubbly influencer and Instagram baddie has an impressive car collection worth millions.

Some of her flashiest cars include a sleek Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a McLaren. They also live in a mega-mansion with a market value of around R20 million.

At some point, the two listed their mansion for sale. No doubt, Peter Matsimbe’s lavish lifestyle has since left many trying to connect the dots about his occupation and net worth.

Surprisingly, his occupation is unknown. However, reports have it that he has an estimated net worth of over R200 million. Despite the news, Peter Matsimbe has yet to address the news that has often thrust him into the top trends.


He has been involved in smuggling scandals and has close ties with several government officials, especially from Swaziland. According to reports, Peter Matsimbe was once involved in a cigarette smuggling scandal and was implicated in a million-rand consignment scandal.

At some point, the Customs Department busted a rented warehouse at Tanya Investments, which housed a cigarette consignment. The company had links with the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Prince Guduza.

The House Of the Assembly speaker even resigned because of the questionable consignment. Later, the consignment was released through a court order to flamboyant businessman Peter Matsimbe. However, he has also been embroiled in fraud allegations.

In 2019, he allegedly used fraudulent documents to acquire 10 luxury cars. Peter Matsimbe allegedly used fraudulent documents to buy a Mclaren MP4 coupé, a BMW X5 SUV, a Can-Am Maverick, an Audi Q3, a Nissan Navara, a Toyota Hilux, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Lexus SUV, a Volvo mechanical horse, and a Lexus LX.

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