Why this year is something special

July’s full moon has just appeared and gone away again. However, this year’s lunar events haven’t reached their peak.

The good news is that everyone can look forward to seeing more mooon events from now until December, 2024. This year is full of interesting sky events, including a full lunar peak each month until the year ends.

Are you unsure about the next lunar event’s date?

Here’s when to look at the skies, and why this year presents something special in September.

Full Moon: July

July’s full moon is visible on 21 July, 2024.

According to the website Calendar-12.com, this lunar phase is also known as the Buck Moon.

You can look forward to seeing this in less than a month from now. Remember the date!

It’s a great season for clear lunar photography. We always love hearing from our readers! You can find our information at the end of this article.

Full Moon: August

August’s full moon is visible on 19 August, 2024.

Different names for it includes the Sturgeon Moon, the Corn Moon, or the Grain Moon.

It’s specia because it marks the beginning of the harvesting season.

Full Moon: September

September’s moon is happening on 18 September, 2024.

However, it’s not just any type of moon.

September’s lunar event is also a Supermoon, which is when the moon appears brighter to viewers from Earth.

Supermoons are rare and special.

You don’t want to miss September’s moon!

Set a reminder for the date, and join us looking up.

October’s Lunar Event

October has another lunar event coming up

However, it happens less than one month after September’s.

The Hunter’s Moon is happening on 17 October, 2024. It also marks the next seasonal changes.

November Moon

What about November?

According to MoonGiant.com, viewers can look up on 15 November, 2024.

See November’s special moon.

We’ll let you know with an update if you don’t remember the time. Subscribe to The South African News, and you’ll never miss another moon date!

Full Moon: December

Schedule the year’s last lunar date for 15 December, 2024.

It’s going to be a few months until you can see December’s lunar event. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about it.

Set your reminder for December’s moon!

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