EFF slams ‘bloated’ GNU cabinet

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says President Cyril  Ramaphosa Cabinet announcement confirms the party’s long-standing view that the Government of National Unity (GNU) was nothing but a smokescreen for the ANC to secure a predetermined grand coalition with the racist DA.

Ramaphosa announced the National Executive at the Union Buildings in Tshwane on Sunday, 30 June. 


Support for the ANC declined to just 40% in the 29 May elections. As a result, the party formed a GNU with the Democratic Alliance, Inkatha Freedom Party, and eight other parties. 

Notably, the EFF and the Jacob Zuma-led uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party are not part of the GNU. 

Following the announcement, the EFF said it is even more concerning that the cabinet has been increased and bloated, signalling more pressure on taxpayers. 

The party said the announcement by Cyril Ramaphosa confirms that the ANC has abandoned its historical role as a liberation movement in Africa and has solidified its role as an instrument of white supremacy and domestic and global capital on the continent. 

“By gifting the DA six ministerial posts and six deputy ministerial roles, on top of the position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the ANC has surpassed the compromises they made in 1994. 

“The rest of the so-called GNU members have been rendered glorified spectators, who legitimise the pact the ANC has entered into with racists and their mandate political agenda, which comes from the Oppenheimers and Ruperts,” EFF spokesperson Leigh-Ann Mathys said. 

Regarding his cabinet, Ramaphosa said new executive is drawn from all corners of the country, the members represent the diversity of the nation.

“None of the members of the National Executive has been appointed to serve the interests of a particular constituency or a particular section of society. Collectively and individually, they are responsible to the people of South Africa,” he emphasised.

Two of the new members of the GNU cabinet Siviwe Gwarube and John Steenhuisen. Image: X/DA


Further, the EFF said they remain the fighting and leading force against capitalism, racism, corruption, and poverty in South Africa and will lead the birth of a new revolution since the former liberation now sits firmly in the oppressor’s camp. 

Mathys said they will remain an effective opposition whose sole responsibility will be to undermine the ANC-DA grand coalition’s backward policy advancements at all levels of government and on the picket lines. 

“Our collective responsibility as revolutionaries remains to fight for economic freedom in our lifetime and report to the masses of our people that the former liberation movement has betrayed its historical mission and morphed into a weapon of racism,” she said.

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