Five snacks NOW BACK on SA shelves

Mzansi eats are back!

You’ll be glad to know that some of these popular South African snacks have come back to local shelves. Readers might remember some of their favourite snacks getting recalled, however, some of these snacks have returned.

Did you love Redro Fish Paste?

Was Foxi Nax your ultimate Mzansi eats snack?

Here are five classic snacks that you can find on shelves once more.

Mzansi eats: Five snacks making a comeback

South Africans were disappointed when some of their favourite Mzansi eats were rumored to disappear from shelves. However, many of these snacks are back again.

Redro Fish Paste and Holy Moly Chocolate Biscuits only went away for a while.

Your favourite snacks might be on shelves today.

What was your favourite local snack?

Mzansi eats: Redro Fish Paste

Mzansi eats wouldn’t be the same without Redro Fish Paste.

However, readers will also remember the snack from 7de Laan: Hilda couldn’t go without her anchovy toast!

According to The South African news, the product was almost discontinued in 2023.

However, it’s back on shelves.

You can be glad if this was your favourite!

Mzansi eats: Holy Moly

Holy Moly Chocolates are a good memory, and you could buy them as either a chocolate bar or pack of chocolate-coated circles.

Does anybody remember those noisy foil packets?

They were great for one of our favourite eats. However, they were also missing from shelves for a while.

You can still find this chocolate today.

Mzansi eats: Foxi Nax

Foxi Nax is a perfect childhood Mzansi eats memory for some South Africans.

However, they became hard to find when the company making them changed hands.

You can still buy Foxi Nax today. Were they one of your favourites?

Mzansi eats: Lucky Packets

Does anyone remember lucky packets?

They were popular during childhoods, however, their popularity declined as smartphones started rising.

You can still find assorted lucky packets today.

Some stores even package various sweets and toys together for customised ones.

Mzansi eats: Kit-Kat Flavours

Kit-Kat is an internationally popular snack.

However, some countries have weirder flavours than others.

You can buy Watermelon-flavoured Kit-Kat in Japan, for example.

South Africa is also bringing back some classic Kit-Kat flavours, including Caramel.

What’s your ultimate Kit-Kat flavour?

Let us know by getting in touch!

What’s your favourite snack?

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