Is Luthuli House imposing DA on Gauteng ANC? TK Nciza responds

ANC secretary in Gauteng, TK Nciza, says they appreciate the wisdom from national leaders at Luthuli House.

“We don’t believe national [ANC] officials are imposing the DA on us,” says Nciza.

TK Nciza. Image: SABC News

Lebogang Maile says the Democratic Alliance’s strategy has been to exclude even the so-called smaller parties.

Maile adds that they want to work with all the political parties, including those with one seat in the Gauteng legislature.

“The DA believes they are in charge. We are not led by the DA,” says Lebogang Maile.

“We have concluded negotiating with other parties. It is only that DA that is behaving like a spoilt brat!” adds a visibly annoyed Maile. He was the MEC of human settlements in the previous administration.

“The list that the premier has in his pocket right now, does not have the DA,” says ANC Gauteng provincial executive committee member, Lebogang Maile.

Lebogang Maile
Lebogang Maile. Image: SABC News

Gauteng ANC secretary TK Nciza says they will not allow the Democratic Alliance to bully them in negotiations during the formation of the government of provincial unity.

“There will be a solution tomorrow,” he tells the media.


Gauteng ANC deputy secretary Tasneem Motara says there is still wrangling with the Democratic Alliance, so the announcement of MECs will not be happening tonight.

However, she has assured the province’s residents that Gauteng will have new MECs tomorrow (2 July 2024).

This is the second postponement, after Lesufi was grounded by Luthuli House on 23 June 2024.

Tasneem Motara
Tasneem Motara

Proceedings have started. Tasneem Motara and Lebogang Maile, MECs in the previous administration, are speaking to the media.

Rumours are swirling that Lesufi has been instructed by the ANC national leadership to not go ahead with announcing a new provincial executive council.

Apparently there is still some haggling with the Democratic Alliance over MEC positions.

This is not the first time Lesufi has been told to call off a presser meant to name Gauteng MECs.

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi is announcing new members of the executive council (MECs) for the province’s seventh administration.

Lesufi is set to name the new MECs at a media briefing in Sandton and there are expectations that he will include non-ANC members of the provincial legislature (MPLs) in his executive.

“The appointment of the incoming MECs takes into consideration the competency, skills as well as ensuring representativity across gender as mandated by the people of Gauteng,” Lesufi on Monday afternoon in statement.

Lesufi’s announcement comes over two weeks since he was elected Gauteng premier by MPLs on 14 June 2024.

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