Canada is recruiting skilled South Africans and offering top salaries

Canada is actively recruiting skilled professionals including South Africans to close the gaps in their formal sector and offering appealing salaries. Canada is already an attractive option for South Africans looking to relocate overseas. Its job offerings make it even more appealing.

Which industries have shortages?

Demand in IT industry

Markedly, immigration experts note hundreds of South Africans are among foreign professionals recruited in Canada.

IT specialists are in high demand. The most in-demand jobs within the IT sector are software developers, IT project managers, business system analyst administrators, and cybersecurity experts.

As digital dependence grows and new technologies drive change across all industries, the number of tech jobs is increasing. Subsequently, other sectors are experiencing skills shortages. These include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, according to Business Tech. Companies continue to report skill shortages, leading to shifts in the average salary expectations for top tech jobs.

Canada has been receiving an influx of South African applicants for the IT industry. Canadian immigration consultant Nicholas Avramis from Beaver Immigration stated that for young, skilled South African IT professionals, career growth and salary are top priorities. This is especially the case for those between the ages of 25 and 40. He added that for those over 40, the focus is rather on the future of their children.

“They want better schools and a safer environment for their children. Moreover, when their children graduate school, they want comfort in knowing that there will be a job at the end of the line.”

Nicholas Avramis from Beaver Immigration

Demand in healthcare industry

Canada’s healthcare shortage is around 50 000 professionals. Beaver Immigration has seen a 50% spike in interest from doctors and nurses who want to immigrate to Canada.

Registered nurses are in high demand in Canada. Other top in-demand healthcare jobs are general practitioners and family physicians, specialist physicians, and medical technicians. This is according to data from Employment and Social Development Canada. Cardiologists and neurologists are among the specialists in high demand.

The global demand for SA healthcare professionals is so great that Beaver Immigration has ramped up its recruitment of doctors and nurses as of June 2024.

How many South Africans are moving to Canada?

According to Canada’s official stats office, 14 205 South Africans have successfully received permanent residence in the country since 2015. More and more South Africans are leaving the country each year.

In addition to job opportunities, Canada is very appealing to many South Africans because of factors such as its education system, quality of life, and safety.

In this year alone, a total of 475 South Africans have become permanent residents in Canada so far.

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