‘Irish fans can be a bit full of themselves’

Rassie Erasmus, the outspoken South African coach, has once again brought entertainment to top-level rugby by sharing his thoughts on the criticism Irish fans receive.

Known for his divisive yet engaging persona, Erasmus has reignited the rivalry between the Springboks and Ireland ahead of their upcoming test series.

Erasmus on Irish Fans: ‘A Bit Windgat (Show-Off)’

In a recent video released by the South African social media team, Erasmus addressed his views on Ireland and their supporters. While attempting to downplay the rivalry, he highlighted the apparent arrogance displayed by Irish fans in response to the team’s recent successes.

“Contrary to what most people think, I can say nothing bad about the Irish. The media likes to hype it up a lot,” Erasmus stated, reminiscing about his positive experiences during his time in Ireland.

Irish Pride Stems from Small Population and Limited Players

However, Erasmus also pointed out that Irish fans can be “a bit full of yourselves” and “a bit windgat (show-off)” when their team excels. He attributed this to Ireland’s small population and the limited number of professional rugby players in the country, which makes their achievements on the global stage even more remarkable.

“I just think sometimes, and I’m going to say it as it is, people are a bit jealous that a country like them with only four or five million people is no. 1 or 2 in the world. They only have 160 professional rugby players,” Erasmus explained.

Erasmus Defends Irish Fans’ Passion and Pride

Despite his comments on Irish fans’ perceived arrogance, Erasmus defended their passion and pride in their team. He stated, “It’s not something in the Irish culture that is frowned upon. It’s passion, it’s we love our team. Listen, if you’re going to come our way, we are going to give you some stick.”

The South African coach urged people not to be too hard on Irish fans, acknowledging their desire to compete and consider themselves among the world’s best teams.

Motivational Tactic or Genuine Observation?

While South Africa has previously called out supposed Irish arrogance, with valid arguments in certain cases, it appears that Erasmus may have exaggerated the issue as a motivational tactic ahead of the impending matches.

Erasmus has effectively employed this siege mentality in the past and will likely utilise it again during the test series against Ireland.

Rassie Erasmus on Irish Fans Intensifies South Africa-Ireland Rivalry

Rassie Erasmus’ comments have undeniably intensified the already fierce rivalry between South Africa and Ireland. As the two teams gear up for their upcoming clashes, fans can anticipate a highly competitive series both on and off the field.

Although Erasmus’ statements may be interpreted as an attempt to provoke the opposition, they also shed light on the passion and pride that motivates both teams and their fans.

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