Why Your Dog Licks You

Our canine companions have a way of expressing themselves that’s both endearing and sometimes a little messy – licking! But why exactly do dogs lick us? It turns out, there can be several reasons behind this wet display of affection.

A Sign of Love and Bonding:

Licking is a natural behaviour for dogs, stemming back to their puppyhood. Mother dogs groom their pups by licking them, which keeps them clean and stimulates elimination. So, when your dog licks you, it could be a way of showing affection and strengthening the bond between you.

A Soothing Mechanism:

Licking can also be a calming and self-soothing behaviour for dogs. Just like humans suck their thumbs as babies, some dogs lick themselves or others to relieve stress or anxiety.

A Way of Showing Submission Through Licks:

In the canine social hierarchy, licking is a submissive gesture. When a dog licks your face or hand, it might be acknowledging you as the leader of the pack and showing respect.

A Taste for You!: Decoding dog licks

Let’s not forget, dogs have a powerful sense of smell and taste. Sometimes, they might lick you simply because they like the way you taste, especially if you’ve been using lotions, applied leftover food particles, or even sweated a little.

Understanding Your Dog’s Licks:

While generally harmless, excessive licking can sometimes indicate an underlying health issue or anxiety. If you’re concerned about your dog’s licking behaviour, consult your veterinarian.

Living with Licks:

For most dog owners, a few wet licks are a small price to pay for the unconditional love our canine companions offer. However, if the licking becomes excessive, gentle redirection or training techniques can help discourage the behaviour.

So next time your dog gives you a big sloppy lick, remember, it could be a sign of love, respect, or simply a canine curiosity about your unique flavour!

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