Why your dog prefers your PJs to their own bed

Our canine companions often have endearing quirks, and one such behaviour can leave us scratching our heads: their fondness for sleeping on our clothes. While it might seem inconvenient, this habit is rooted in a few key dog behaviour instincts and emotions.

A Scent of Security

Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell, and your clothes are practically imbued with your personal scent. This familiar aroma acts as a security blanket for your dog, providing comfort and reassurance, especially when you’re not around. Snuggling up on your clothing is like having a piece of you close by, even when you’re not physically present.

Dog Behaviour: Marking Their Territory

Dogs are territorial creatures, and sometimes, sleeping on your clothes is their way of claiming them. By leaving their scent on your belongings, they feel a sense of ownership and security. It’s important to note that this isn’t necessarily dominance; it’s more about feeling safe and secure in their environment.

Dog Behaviour: Mimicking Denning Behaviour

From an evolutionary perspective, dogs descend from wolves, who den together for warmth and protection. Climbing into a pile of soft clothes might mimic the feeling of a safe and cosy den for your dog, especially when they’re feeling anxious or nervous.

Warmth and Comfort

Let’s not forget the simple fact that clothes can be comfy! Soft pyjamas or a well-worn sweatshirt can provide a warm and inviting spot for your dog to nap. It’s a familiar texture and temperature that can lull them into a peaceful slumber.

Should I Discourage This Behaviour?

While generally harmless, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to discourage your dog from sleeping on your dirty laundry. A designated dog bed with soft bedding can provide a more appropriate alternative. Rewarding your dog for using their own bed can help reinforce this behaviour. However, if your dog occasionally seeks solace on your clothes, it’s likely a harmless way for them to feel safe and connected to you.

So next time you find your dog curled up on your favourite jumper, remember, it’s not just about comfort – it’s a sign of their deep affection and trust in you.

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