Victoria and David Beckham celebrate 25th anniversary in purple

Victoria and David Beckham, renowned for their timeless style and enduring love story, spectacularly marked their 25th wedding anniversary. They did so by revisiting their iconic purple wedding reception attire.


The couple are famous for their extravagant nuptials at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland on 4 July 1999.

They surprised fans by donning their original purple ensembles for a nostalgic celebration, according to Page Six.

David Beckham, 49, took to Instagram to share a heartwarming photograph of himself and Victoria, 50.

They are seen seated on throne-style chairs similar to those from their wedding reception.


Alongside the image, Beckham humorously captioned, “Look what we found… 😅💜.”

This sparked immediate nostalgia among their legion of followers, according to People.

The pair’s wedding, a lavish affair that captivated the world, saw Victoria in a stunning Vera Wang ballgown.

She was also adorned with a waist-whittling Mr. Pearl corset and a dramatic 20-foot train.

David complemented her attire with an ivory suit and ascot for the ceremony.


He later changed into a matching purple outfit for the reception.

Their eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, now 25, even joined in with a coordinating purple onesie and cowboy hat, according to Billboard.

It remains unclear if the Beckhams resurrected their original garments or had replicas crafted.

The sentiment behind their choice resonated deeply with fans, who flooded social media with adoration and nostalgia.

One fan reminisced, “Iconic! I remember this like yesterday! 💕.


David and Victoria Beckham’s anniversary celebration included a nod to their private vow renewal, with Victoria’s perfume ‘Suite 302’.

This honoured their second honeymoon.

The couple’s enduring love story and impeccable style continue to captivate fans worldwide.

It marks a milestone in their journey together.


Another praised David’s timeless appeal. They noted, “Good grief David, you are like a fine expensive wine aging into the best vintage ever known to mankind.”

Television personality Andy Cohen chimed in, impressed by the couple’s unchanged elegance. “They still fit great!”

Such sentiments highlight the enduring admiration for the Beckhams’ style.

They can capture the public’s imagination even after a quarter-century of marriage.


In the years since their fairy-tale wedding, Victoria and David Beckham have expanded their family with three more children: Romeo, 21, Cruz, 19, and Harper, 12.

The Beckham’s anniversary celebration reaffirmed their status as a power couple.

It also reignited fond memories of their extravagant wedding, proving that true love and impeccable style truly stand the test of time.

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