Rasta’s portrait of Gayton McKenzie trends [photo]

Despite a series of botched portraits, Rasta The Artist is trending against the backdrop of his recent portrait. His recent painting has no doubt gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

Fans quickly flooded social media with their two cents, and many gave his recent artwork a nod. Rasta The Artist made a portrait depicting the new Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture Minister Gayton McKenzie.

The self-proclaimed artist shared his artwork on X, formerly Twitter, as he congratulated the new minister. Given his record of botched paintings that often thrust him into top trends, he undoubtedly nailed it.

However, despite his fair attempt, some threw a shed at him. Taking to X, formerly Twitter controversial blogger Musa Khawula posted the portrait and captioned it, “Rasta shows off his portrait of Gayton McKenzie.”

Rasta, The Artist, also shared a clip while perfecting his portrait of McKenzie. He went on to invite the new minister to come and collect his new paint.

Rasta posted, “Congratulations, @GaytonMcK, on your new role as Minister of Sports, [Recreation], Arts and Culture! Your portrait is waiting for you at the studio, ready to hang proudly in your office.”

However, the portrait features an ever-smiling McKenzie in a green and white Adidas tracksuit, which has become his signature wear for his morning run.

The new minister was also spotted wearing the same tracksuit when he met with the Irish Ambassador to South Africa on Saturday, 6 July, ahead of the Springboks versus Ireland test match at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium.

Before he was appointed minister of arts, McKenzie openly admitted that he hoped for a ministerial position in Home Affairs to deal with foreigners who have flooded South Africa in recent years.

Against the post, Mzansi flooded the internet with their two cents. An X user commented, “Rasta heard that Gayton will give away his R1.2m per month, and he made sure he painted him very well.”


Rasta, The Artist-born Lebani Sirenje, is a Zimbabwean-born painter currently residing in South Africa. Over the years, his controversial paintings have made headlines, often grabbing international headlines.

Rasta The Artist has done several portraits of influential figures, most of which have thrust him on the top trends for the wrong reasons. However, in the mix of things, the botched portraits have seen him gaining global recognition. After all, he has since turned his failures into newfound fame.

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