ANC still controls the lion’s share of national budget

How the national budget breaks down between departments is yet another example of how badly the Democratic Alliance’s (DA’s) negotiation team were trumped in coalition negotiations last month. National Assembly members were sworn in last week (Wednesday 3 July 2024), with the ANC taking up 70% of the Cabinet seats, despite only securing 40% of the democratic vote and making up just 55% of the ten-party coalition. Now it’s been revealed that it controls 76% of the national budget.

The DA were only able to negotiate 30% of the 77-strong Cabinet. Using the national budget as another benchmark for derivation of duty with the GNU, the ANC’s 76% portion has clearly outfoxed the DA yet again. Control of the national budget remains squarely in the hands of the ANC, reports Business Tech. Even the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) through only two portfolios controls more national budget than all six DA departments combined.


The African National Congress sits pretty with the lion’s share of national budget under its control. Image: File

Out of 32 ministries in the seventh administration, the ANC has control of the lion’s share of the national budget. Business Tech grouped together the budgets of the departments allocated to each party head and the results are as follows (based on the 2024/25 National Treasury Budget Review):

  • ANC – R808 billion.
  • DA – R79 billion.
  • IFP – R125 billion.
  • FF+ – R27 billion.
  • PAC – R16 billion.
  • PA – R6 billion.
  • GOOD – R2.3 billion.


It may be a coalition government, but the purse strings are most certainly controlled by the African National Congress. Image: File

African National Congress

Department 2024/25 budget estimate
Defence & Military Veterans R52.67 billion
Electricity, Energy, Minerals & Petroleum R8.84 billion
Science, Technology & Innovation R9.47 billion
Employment & Labour R3.85 billion
Finance R33.22 billion
Health R62.22 billion
Higher Education R113.02 billion
Human Settlements R33.15 billion
International Relations & Cooperation R6.57 billion
Justice & Constitutional Development R21.61 billion
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation R450.20 million
Police R114.12 billion
Presidency R3.99 billion
Small Business Development R2.44 billion
Social Development R275.14 billion
Trade, Industry & Competition R9.60 billion
Transport R80.62 billion
Water & Sanitation R24.07 billion
Women, Youth & Persons with Disabilities R1.01 billion
Total R808.82 billion

Democratic Alliance

Department  2024/25 budget estimate
Agriculture R16.71 billion
Basic Education R32.26 billion
Communication & Digital Technologies R3.97 billion
Home Affairs R10.50 billion
Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment  R8.74 billion
Public Works & Infrastructure R7.61 billion
Total R79.78 billion

Inkatha Freedom Party

Department 2024/25 budget estimate
Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs R125.37 billion
Public Service & Administration R539.5 million
Total R125.87 billion


The Democratic Alliance’s John Steenhuisen was unable to secure the role of Deputy President from coalition negotiations. Image: File
  • Freedom Front Plus – Correctional Services: R27.76 billion
  • Pan Africanist Congress – Land Reform & Rural Development: R16.71 billion
  • Patriotic Alliance – Sports, Arts & Culture: R6.11 billion
  • GOOD – Tourism: R2.38 billion

The six departments with the biggest national budgets are Social Development, Police, Higher Education, Transport, Health and Defence, and all of these are under control of the ANC.


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