MacG among 3 962 relief fund beneficiaries

Podcast and Chill with MacG host MacGyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho is making headlines after he was listed among artists and sports professionals who received COVID-19 relief funds during South Africa’s two-year restrictions (lockdown).

The Sports, Arts and Culture Department published a list of 3 962 professionals who received R72 million from the department.


Some of the biggest names on the list included Mohale Motaung, Arthur Mafokate, and athlete Anaso Jobodwana. Undoubtedly, the list has been making rounds on the internet, with MacG topping trends.

The Podcast and Chill with MacG host surprisingly earned double the amount most beneficiaries received despite distancing himself from government funding and donations over the years.

During one of his podcast sessions with EFF leader Julius Malema, MacG made it known that they don’t need the government. He made it known that they could do it alone, and they were a testimony to that. However, Malema said that MacG and his podcast need government support.

Mzansi was more than convinced that he made the remarks out of ignorance despite knowing that he had received funds from the government. However, on average, many artists and sports professionals were paid between R10 000 and R20 000.

Surprisingly, MacG and other professionals received more than others. Eight beneficiaries, including MacG, received R75 000 each. Other familiar names amongst the eight included Mohale Motaung and Rhythm City actor Siphiwe Mtshali. Most of the amounts were paid under their companies.


However, the department paid R53 000 each to 166 beneficiaries. Famous names amongst the 53 included Bawinile Ntshaba and Ayanda Sithebe. Musicians Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbuli received R10 000 each.

The two were part of 1 089 beneficiaries who received R10 000 each as relief funds during the two-year lockdown. A total of 2 323 beneficiaries were paid R20 000 each.

Arthur Mofakate, who has received thousands if not millions from the government over the years, was also on the list of beneficiaries who received R20 000 each.

His son was also on the list alongside a host of celebrated singers, including award-winning gospel singer Betusile Mcinga and singer Jesse Clegg. Celebrated athlete Anaso Jobodwana and actor Jack Devnarian were also on the list.

Musician David Scott, popularly known as The Kiffness, was also on the list of government beneficiaries. A week ago, he hogged headlines after he took a swipe at the government for not supporting artists.

A week ago, he tweeted, “Shout out to every successful South African musician who has succeeded without any help from the government. So basically, all of you!”

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