Concern for Checkers Sixty60 drivers [video]

Consumers have called on Checkers to suspend their Sixty60 services in the Western Cape amid a severe Cape Town weather warning.

The city has been hit by heavy rainfall and flooding, forcing many residents to stay home and limit travel. In many areas, schools have also been closed.

This comes amid the South African Weather Service issuing a level eight weather alert.


On social media, many Cape Town consumers urged Checkers to halt their Sixty60 delivery service after several motorbikes were spotted driving in heavy rainfall and flooded areas.

@KabiahSeonaid: “Sixty60_Tweets, why are you taking orders in this weather in Cape Town?”

@realSariBotha: “Please suspend your services in CT until the delivery riders can do so safely. Checkers clients, how do you order a delivery from another human being in conditions like this?”

@__navybaby: “Checkers, screw human rights?

Cape Town has been hit by heavy rainfall and flooding. Images by Wikimedia Commons

Others were concerned that Sixty60 drivers – who are independent contractors that own motorbikes and purchase their own uniforms – would lose income over the weather conditions. The drivers are expected to deliver their orders within 60 minutes, failing which could result in alleged deductions.

@TamiMagnin: “Would you be able to let us know if your drivers can/do register for Workmen’s Compensation? We are worried that some of your drivers are out on the road during this Level 8 storm. We’d like to understand if they have any protection.”

@comradesipho: “There has to be some kind of protocol for delivery drivers during bad weather. If the companies won’t do it, the local governments must regulate.”

@meganshead: “Please consider supplementing their lost income. They rely on tips.”


While Checkers have warned Cape Town residents that the weather would result in delivery delays, it did reveal that Sixty60 drivers would continue to work.

In an official response to a concerned consumer, the retailer tweeted: “We place a high priority on the health and safety of our drivers and are taking measures as required by each delivery area. Operations are monitored closely to safeguard our drivers and to manage customer expectations.”


According to the South African Weather Service, Cape Town residents are in for a wet weekend, with heavy rain predicted up until Monday.

In a statement, JP Smith, a member of the mayoral committee for safety and security, revealed that a level eight warning remained in place.

He said: “Indications are that worse is still to come before there is any respite. 

“The City has all hands on deck, but the weather conditions will likely result in widespread flooding and impact on response times.”

He added: “Where possible, please stay off the roads and remain indoors.”

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