Makhadzi’s management hits back at DSAC

Award-winning singer Makhadzi’s management hits back at the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture (DSAC) after the star was named one of the biggest beneficiaries of the department’s relief fund initiative.

A few weeks ago, Makhadzi made headlines after she revealed to Podcast and Chill hosts Sol Phenduka and MacG that she had to borrow money to travel to the BET Awards.

However, her sentiments left Mzansi trying to understand why she did not receive support from the department. Against these questions, newly appointed minister Gayton McKenzie ordered the department to release the names of artists who have received financial assistance from the department.

Surprisingly, Makhadzi was the first artist to be named. The Department refuted Makhadzi’s claim that the government had not supported her for her BET trip.

The department posted, “DSAC strongly rejects the assertion that it has not supported Makhadzi. Over the past 14 months, Makhadzi has been booked by DSAC to perform in several national engagements, receiving as much as R230,000.”


However, against the post, Makhadzi made it known that she never received a relief fund from the department, as alleged. She said that she received payments for her services, not relief funds.

No doubt her side of the story was quick to see Mzansi taking a swipe at the newly appointed minister. Against the daring claims, Makhadzi’s management issued a press statement.

No doubt, Makhadzi’s camp downplayed the news. Her management noted that the amount in question was from her bookings. Makhadzi’s management released a press statement to address the news.

“The statement from the department is creating a lot of confusion… to give an impression that Makhadzi is one of the recipients…Makhadzi is not a recipient, and the department should release the list and stop diverting attention,” part of the press statement reads.

“We can confirm that the department contracted Makhadzi to perform for the June 16 event and the Presidential inauguration, which she did (rendered a service), and the department paid her. That is not funding but a payment for services rendered,” added Makhadzi’s management.

Taking to social media, Makhadzi revealed that the department hid people who benefited from the fund. However, Makhadzi told fans she only received money for her bookings from the department.

Against the backlash, the minister was quick to clarify the error. However, Mzansi was more than convinced that they were now trying to cover up their lies.

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