Wild Cape weather causes ship to lose 44 containers at sea

French shipping company CMA CGM reported that one of its container ships, the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, lost 44 containers at sea due to inclement weather off South Africa’s Cape coast.

A series of cold fronts has hammered the Western Cape this week, bringing with it level 8 weather disruptions in the form of strong winds and heavy rains.

On Thursday it was reported that 6 500 flood assistance kits had already been issued to affected residents across the Cape Town metro.

Containers with ‘harmless goods’

The shipping incident occurred on Tuesday, during the container ship’s westbound voyage from Asia to Europe.

Built in 2005, the vessel encountered severe weather, resulting in the loss of 44 containers, while an additional 30 containers were damaged onboard.

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin has a nominal capacity of 17 859 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units.)

According to Splash247.com there were no injuries to the crew, no pollution, and no damage to the vessel itself, which remains fully seaworthy.

An inspection later confirmed that all lost containers were carrying harmless goods and no dangerous cargo.

CMA CGM promptly notified the relevant authorities and proceeded on to Cape Town for a thorough assessment of the situation, taking all necessary measures to ensure the safe continuation of the voyage.

Ship runs aground

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is not the only vessel that has been affected by extreme weather conditions off the Cape coast this week.

On Monday, the Ultrabulk-managed Ultra Galaxy, a 124-metre long general cargo ship, ran aground off the coast of Brand se Baai on the West Coast, 385 kms north of Cape Town.

The entire 18-member crew was rescued after escaping the listed vessel in a life raft (a list is tilting due to taking on water.) The incident occurred during swells between five and six meters.

The 13 800 metric-ton vessel is said to have a full load of fertilizer bags onboard, as well as low-sulphur bunkering fuel and hydraulic and related oils.

Efforts to prevent a fuel and oil spill are currently underway.

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